Green Energy

Green Energy

Supporting resource-saving technologies

Negative effects on the environment, potential risks and resource shortages are forcing the economy to re-think. New technologies are being developed and implemented in order to make more efficient use of resources, to protect the environment as a natural habitat and to eradicate the hazardous potential of outdated technologies. Furthermore, wind energy is now the most important alternative energy source, and Germany’s technology companies are world leaders in this field. Other renewable energies, such as solar power, biomass and hydro power are also gaining in significance.

We see this trend as a chance to be involved in the design of innovative solutions and to support companies working in these fields. From the execution of bulk transportation, to the just-in-sequence organisation of the construction site supply network and temporary consolidation depots - our team’s many years of experience and expertise form the basis for tailor-made "turn-key-solutions" within the logistics sector.